Corporate Law

Our corporate law services encompass advice, counsel and litigation of a wide range of business related issues. Cloyd, Wimberly & Villemarette can assist clients with the formation of legal entities, drafting of contracts, negotiations and litigation.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating settlements, as well as in alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation, including effective defense of client interests in court. We are experienced in capably managing multi-jurisdiction and multi-party conflicts in defense and prosecution of cases.

Representation of Insurance Companies

We review and interpret personal policies — auto and homeowners — as well as commercial and general liability policies. We make clear ambiguous contract terms, as well as clarify attendant exclusions and exceptions.

We are committed to helping you recognize legitimate claims, as well as avoid payment of claims for which your firm is not contractually obligated. Our insurance litigation experience proves useful to clients in areas including the following:

  • Investigating and establishing the validity of a claim
  • Bad faith claims; defense of insurance firm employees; defense of insurer compliance with applicable laws regarding evaluation and handling of claims
  • Liability issues; liability investigations; evaluations of damages
  • Determining exclusions
  • Policy interpretation for coverage and denial of coverage

Representation of Construction Firms

We also provide counsel and litigation services to construction-related firms, as well as capable, cost-efficient counsel and defense to governmental entities.

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