Government Law

At the law firm of Cloyd, Wimberly & Villemarette, we represent a variety of government bodies in interactions with the public as well as in intra-government matters. In representing governmental bodies, our attorneys recognize that we are frequently working with elected officials attuned to political realities. Consequently, we offer nuanced and informed counsel enabling clients to efficiently achieve goals, defend actions and proactively prevent legal entanglements.

Our firm’s lawyers advise and represent municipalities or other government bodies such as parishes, public hospitals and drainage districts in matters of municipal law concerning municipal government, contracts, ordinances, annexation, land use, zoning and litigation.

At the Lafayette law firm of Cloyd, Wimberly & Villemarette, we also provide day-to-day advice and counsel, attending government body meetings to advise on whether or not proposed actions are allowable under Louisiana state law and federal law. We understand that parish representation and other government representation involves special sensitivity to the public’s interest, as determined by elected and appointed officials.

Helping government bodies save attorney fees

In a faltering economy, many government agencies and institutions are compelled to reexamine budgeted attorney fees — whether for in-house counsel or lawyers on retainer. Our attorneys can bring their skills and experience to bear where needed, when needed, at a significant savings of time and resources to local government.

We also advise and defend municipal officials in a wide variety of administrative proceedings and litigation, including defense of tort claims.

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