Insurance Bad Faith Law

At Cloyd, Wimberly & Villemarette, our attorneys skillfully and successfully defend insurers in insurance bad faith actions filed by insured parties. Our goal is to save you money with efficient and thoughtful policy interpretation that gains favorable results. We carefully evaluate the details of each case.

We are flexible in defending client interests in intra-carrier disputes and coverage conflicts — we recommend alternative dispute resolution where appropriate. However, not every case can be settled. In the event that your insurance bad faith case must go to trial, we meticulously prepare your case to win a favorable outcome on your behalf.

An insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company that outlines the responsibilities of each party. The responsibilities of the insured are to pay the policy’s premiums and file claims only when he or she has suffered damages from an unfortunate event or injury covered by the policy.

Sometimes, however, insureds act in bad faith, either by claiming damages when they did not suffer an injury, or creating the event or injury themselves in order to justify filing an insurance claim.

Of course, not every insurance claim is filed in bad faith. The attorneys at Cloyd, Wimberly & Villemarette will use their investigate skills to help you tell the difference and avoid a potential claim of insurance bad faith on your part. We will determine if the insured is in anyway liable for his or her injuries or if his or her injuries are excluded under the policy.

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